Flex Technologies Limited supplied the world’s first commercially operating biomass heat and power plant operating on sunflower husk briquettes. The plant has now accumulated over 6,000 operating hours. This CHP facility uses waste sunflower husk from a sunflower oil mill and has a rated capacity 700 kW electricity and 800 kW of hot water. Option for process steam is available.

Our Technology

Flex Technologies offers low cost, reliable, flexible and efficient biomass gasifiers, engines and biomass power/CHP plants which use biomass gasification technology applied to a wide range of biomass types. The WBP Power/CHP Plants use wood chips and other coarse biomass types with lower ash content and higher ash fusion temperatures. The FBP Power/CHP Plants use fine biomass types with higher ash content and lower ash fusion temperatures. Apart from wood chips and briquettes, our CHP systems can use energy crops, sunflower hulls, rice husk, corn cob and stalk, grape and olive pomace. If raw biomass cannot be gasified ‘as is’ then Briquette Lines or Pellet Lines can be used to convert the raw biomass into high density briquettes or pellets ideally suited for gasification. Briquette Lines and Pellet Lines are available as stand-alone facilities to produce wood biomass briquettes and pellets for sale.

Our Products

We offer over 18 Gasifier Systems providing syngas for generating sets ranging from 100 to 1,400 kWe with or without heat recovery. Multiple gasifier/generating set units can be combined into larger capacity Gasification Power/CHP Plants. We meet all your requirements for biomass fuel preparation or commercial manufacturing using wood or agricultural waste Briquette Lines and Pellet Lines. The equipment can be supplied on a turnkey basis or as individual units. We supply Biomass Fuels including wood pellets, agri pellets, wood briquettes and sunflower husk briquettes for commercial and industrial boilers to customers throughout Europe.

Retail and trade customers in the UK – visit our Web store at www.bioglow.co.uk. Retail and trade customers in Ireland – visit our Web store at www.bioglow.ie. 

Experience – New Opportunities

We operate throughout the UK and continental Europe.

We are looking for development sites for biomass CHP and biomass boilers in the UK and other European countries. Financing for qualifying borrowers is available from our partners. Please contact us for details.

We bring to your project the experience gained during several completed projects. We have supplied power plants running on a variety of fuels to financial investors, timber industry and food producers. Our equipment is cost effective delivering competitive returns on investment. Click here to see a video of our operating power CHP plant using sunflower husk.