Nielsen Briquettes

These long lasting briquettes are made from a mixture of Pine and Spruce sawdust in an original C.F.Nielsen press and have a high density of 1.2g/cm3. These briquettes have slightly higher moisture compared to the Pini-Kay Wood Briquettes but offer an excellent heating performance and a slower burn at a lower cost per tonne. They are popular among individual fireplace users due to their more natural look and slower burn suitable for appliances without adjustable air intake. These briquettes appeal to farms and the hospitality sector due to attractive price and versatility.

Size: 90mm diameter x 270mm length, without a hole. Moisture: ca. 10-11%. Ash: 0.3%. Sulfur: 0.01%. Heat content: 4.6KWh/kg. Logs per pack: 5. Pack weight: 10kg. Pack size: 45 x 27 cm long briquettes. Delivered on Euro pallets, 96 x 10kg packs to a pallet. Plain packaging, Bioglow or own label available. Point of sale posters and other promotional materials available. Consignment stock available. Drop shipping available. Volumes available from single pallets to full loads.