Briquetting Plants

Briquetting plants are able to compact wood sawdust and almost any fine biomass materials at <14% moisture into high density round briquettes 60mm or 90mm in diameter ideally suited for gasification and combustion with output from 0.5-0.75 to 3-4.5 ton per hour.

Briquetting plant consists of the following equipment:

  • One or two silo bins each 25 m3 in capacity with upper charge port, level switches, bottom rotating auger and from one to three discharge ports.
  • From one to three inclined metering screw conveyors with VFD connected to each silo bin discharge ports which feed the material into briquetting presses.
  • From one to three mechanical briquetting presses with specifications as shown in the table below connected each to metering screw conveyor.
  • Briquette cooling line connected to each briquetting press which deliver finished briquettes into briquette storage area.

Briquetting Press Specifications

Briquette Diameter, mm
Capacity ᵃ⁾, kg/h
Power consumption, kWh
Biomass size, mm
Biomass moisture, %
Dimensions, mm
60 500 – 750 22 < 7 < 14 1,600 x 600 x 1,150
90 1,000 – 1,750 48 < 20 < 14 2,000 x 750 x 1,400
a ) Capacity depends on compacted biomass bulk density

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