Agri Waste Power and CHP

FBP series Power/CHP plants operate on loose agricultural waste such as rice husk, sunflower, buckwheat, soy bean hulls and husk, bagasse, olive and grape pomace, wood/straw pellets and similar.

Many agri waste streams are potentially valuable biomass fuel, yet cannot be used in their natural form. We offer market leading Biomass Pellet Systems for making pellets strong enough to stay compacted during gasification. The pellet systems have been tested with FBG gasifiers we supply to ensure compatibility and smooth operation. You can see some examples of biomass feedstock tested and approved for gasification in FBG gasifiers in Table 2 on Gasifier systems page. In general, any biomass with particles more 3mm, moisture not more 12%, and ash fusion temperature not less 1,050 degrees C can be used in FBP power/CHP plants.

Single FBP unit rated power ranges from 100 to 500 KWe when running on 100% syngas. Multiple units can run in parallel if larger plant capacity is required. Typical integrated FBP series Power/CHP units are shown here:

If you prefer to use your own gas engine, we suggest one of the standalone gasifier models shown in the above typical systems.

Additional configurations are available on request. We also supply Biomass Briquette Lines and Biomass Pellet Lines for fuel preparation and other ancillary equipment.