Biomass Pellet Lines

We offer biomass pellet lines that mitigate many of the common biomass quality issues by converting almost any biomass source into consistent quality pellets. Pellet line can be used as a part of a biomass gasification power plant or as stand-alone facility to produce fuel pellets for sale.

Pellets for gasification have the following advantages:

  • Downdraft gasifiers produce the cleanest syngas compared with all other gasifier types. However, they require fuel to meet strict specifications, including size, moisture, bulk density, ash content, mechanical strength and others.
  • Using pellet systems you can produce pellets from any wood sources – forest waste, sawmill residues, low quality wood chips, wood sawdust and shavings, tree pruning, and many agricultural wastes with lower ash fusion temperature e.g. wheat straw, miscanthus, corn stalk, grape pomace and pruning, olive pomace. Such pellets can be used in FBG gasifier models.
  • Pellets are more uniform in size and moisture compared to loose biomass. This leads to more stable operation of the gasifier and generation of gas with lower fluctuations in heating value and impurities content.
  • Pellets have much higher bulk density and contains more energy in 1 kg than loose biomass. This reduces fuel storage cost and fuel consumption and gives an opportunity to install smaller gasifiers with lower cost for the same power generation.

Biomass pellet lines includes (optional) Grinding, (optional) Drying, and Pellet plants.