Development Sites Wanted

We are looking for development sites for biomass power or combined heat and power plants that meet the following criteria:

  • Locations: United Kingdom and the European Union;
  • Stable supply of low cost biomass fuel including any of:

– forestry waste,

– wood chip,

– straw,

– recycled wood,

– olive pits,

– olive pomace,

– sunflower husk,

– municipal solid waste;

  • Preferred: requirement for process heat / space heating / hot water for domestic or non-domestic use on site;
  • In countries with licensing system for biomass energy installations – valid generation license;
  • Grid connection

Where a development site is available, Flex Technologies is able to offer or facilitate some or all of the following

  • Technical solutions for the generation of electric and heat energy;
  • Design and engineering;
  • Financing from specialised third party providers;
  • Operation and maintenance;
  • Fuel supply and management.

Please contact us on +44 20 002 0359 or to discuss how we can help you to develop your biomass energy project.